Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition – Dolly Parton poster

Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition - Dolly Parton poster

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Devon Newman how about we take care of the coronavirus first while the second wave is already hit with the countries who have already reopened just closed down again cause the virus spread more! Obamagate is a distraction to get to forget something that is killing people while the whole time they have had a cure! Leaked by 2 Congress reps! Why you think you have never seen trump and pence never wearing a mask nor gloves ever and in large groups! This is classic! Josh David Democrats have always hated freedom and justice. Not one Democrat voted to end slavery. They formed and run the KKK. Now they have Antifa. Every city run by Democrats is no different than a plantation. Filled with broken families, violence, poverty and despair.

Sarah Elizabeth Johanson – I’m not sure that’s what happened: I tend to keep politics and political commentary separate from religious discourse. Also, I’m not a fan of prophetic proselytizing… Me? Not so, sonny: I recognize politics for what is- a series of The Lesser of Two Evils contests. At this point in American history, I evaluate the Democratic Party, with its very much Socialist agenda, is the greater evil. Any grotesque account of someone’s Charismatic speech is your own affair, not mine. Frank Vickers here in Canada we have democratic socialism and free healthcare. I pay about 30% in taxes. I don’t find that to be exorbitant. Sarah Elizabeth Johanson? Marmot husbandry? You’re not a very clear writer, so let me be clear: I am a Christian who believes in God, Heaven and my personal Savior, Jesus Christ. I do not attribute every small person or event as a plan God has for President Trump- I have a personal relationship with my Savior and don’t presume anything for anyone else. You are welcome to your way of thinking, but to me, it invites inaction and meekness.