Surviving social distancing one book at a time face mask


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Surviving social distancing one book at a time face mask

Relaxed Fit

Watch Dogs: Legion Online isn’t all tough cooperative missions, though. As mentioned, the open world offers the opportunity for more casual messing about, with challenges and solo missions existing to give you something to do if you’re not able to raise your squad of elite hactivists.

There are also occasional public events to take on for extra experience points. We played one called a Drone Storm, in which a bunch of small drones (and one big one) attacked a London park. The situation basically amounted to a lengthy boss fight that anyone could jump into, and required a great deal of running for cover and blasting away at robots before we finally took down the big drone leading the pack.

There’s also a competitive spider bot arena mode, in which players face off against one another while piloting weapon-wielding robotic spiders. You can take on up to three other players in the mode, in which you run your spider around various arenas, picking up weapons and trying to turn everyone else into scrap. Racking up kills puts you on a kill streak that gives your spider temporary benefits, like higher damage resistance, so it pays to move fast and try to take down everyone you can, as quickly as you can. But the mode itself is pretty low-impact; it’s a frantic and fun version of deathmatch that’s easy to pick up and understand.

The spider bot mode, like the solo missions and elements like collectibles hidden throughout London, mostly feel like they exist to keep you busy in between the more involved cooperative missions. Those are the places where Legion Online really shines–the game already offers a lot of fun ideas with its various hacking and technological tools, and the opportunity for fun and creative solutions to problems only rises when you’ve got a few more people on your team.




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