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Nope. I only applied the legal standard you introduced to other situations which would seem to meet the requirement of “immediate danger to themselves or others”. I’m doing so,have I committed a felony or just a misdemeanor? then if you live in Texas you need to write your rep and get it changed. Because that is the law now for those mentally ill. We don’t have mass detentions here. You mean abusing children, smoking,reckless endangerment, not wearing a mask and alcoholism aren’t mental health issues? I think the AMA would disagree. And who best to diagnose your mental heath than an AMA board certified Doctor at your hearing? so lets apply the same standard to firearms. Oh wait, firearms aren’t capable of being mentally ill. So. Anyone filling out an affidavit stating so should be held for 72 hours until they see a judge. Sounds reasonable to me. So did they just decide to make Constitution Null and void? Cops are not required to defend us from a thing and usually only arrived after we are hurt or killed. We have the right to protect ourselves from enemies foreign and domestic. That is not a question. That is a statement. So your neighbor keeps threatening because of your dog and keeps threatening he’s going to kill you and kill your dog so we just let him rant and rave until he actually follows through on it or has he crossed the line where maybe he just should have his guns suspended for a while.
You really think current laws such as this restraining order will be enough to save your life one she’s locked and loaded? Nothing immoral about taking away guns from out of control people it’s just sensible. I’ve been hearing hey lot about government overreach why are there no IRA people up in Portland defending the moms or are they getting tear gas gassed.