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35 Years of Top Gun 1986-2021 signatures shirt, tank top, hoodie

35 Years of Top Gun 1986-2021 signatures shirt

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Well of course – obvious. But once again I am amused at Mr. Miltimore. He tries to couch this in objective, above the fray rhetoric. But he CAN’T seem to mention the obvious. The part of Government that has based their whole approach on panic and hyperbole concerning Covid-19 is the the Democrat Party, and the Leftist Progressive Socialist/Fascist that control it. The whole Covid-19 hyperbole was about getting rid of the evil Orange Man. FEE knows is, I know it, and the Democrats know it. If this had occurred in say 2017, just after President Trump was sworn in the whole reaction would have been different.
Any time President Trump tried to act in a calm and rational manner about Covid-19, the Democrat Hacks went into intense conniption fits – and went far beyond hyperbole – as in lie, lie, and lie some more. They treated aspirational statements and opinions as facts. Very despicable – you know its true. The pathetic White House Main Stream journalist crew – farcical, biased, and vicious – pure irrational Trump hate. These hacks just made things up – bit whopping lies.
If it had occurred in say 2013, it would really have been different. The Democrat Hacks in the Main Stream Media would have delivered a rousing sermon every day about the joys of the sublime, omnipotent and wondrous bringer of light – the exalted Barak Obama – the most wonderful and intelligent human to ever exist on planet earth. Can you not just hear the hosannas and praises about his wondrous handling (it would not have been that way at all) of the situation. You know it’s true. They would have lied, lied, and lied some more – to support and cover for President Obama. Oh FEE – these above the fray Marquis de Queensbury type homilies (using a Catholic metaphor) do get tedious. Resist – fight back. Stop playing the ‘chump.’ Oh well – far out and freaky deaky.