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As a trump supporter I do not agree with their action however at least they weren’t pulling people from their cats and beating them up. Yeah, making life difficult and possibly dangerous for people is really an effective way to convince them to vote for their candidate. Great strategy! Not the intent.

  • The intent is to scare people into not voting if they’re going to vote for Biden. There have even been posts on right wing “poll watch” pages saying they will stop Biden supporters from voting.
  • Aren’t you commenters the same people who supported BLM when they shut down freeways? Republicans are held to a higher standard than Democrats. I saw a slow moving traffic jam, bit no roadblocks. I’ll wait to hear and see the full story before I pass judgement.
  • We have not seen our democracy process since Republicans abandoned their Congressional oversight responsibilities and enforcing the emoluments clause of our constitution. Public Education, our military, DOJ and the USPS have been politicized, when they belong to all of us. Thanks for your unending devotion to working people and our democracy.

Hey….How come mainstream social media blocked the news when Biden s son scandal coming out ? But spreading the videos which is bad for Trump? Manipulating ? Double standards? I don’t think they ran people off the road and caused dangerous traffic conditions chasing a bus down the highway. Hey Trump people , those of you that have any education or common sense give this some real strong thought.

They need to be run over. Republicans hate protesters in the middle of the streets. Just run them over, and claim “fear for your life” self-defense. The FBI is busy trying to figure out who all was involved with biden and his son’s shady business deals….. they aren’t worried about a bunch of guys driving 50mph beside a bus.

It does not matter if it’s blm or yellow trump matters or pink people matter it’s all wrong if it’s not done respecting other people and their property you all need to separate yourselves from hate and fantasy world be independent thinkers do align yourself a with one party all your lives think for yourselves think about other people needs think about what the world needs progress in your lives and attitudes.

Busch Light Beer 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater

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