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After her team qualified for its third consecutive Sweet 16 Tuesday, N.C. State women’s associate head coach Lindsay Edmonds breathed a sign of relief. Trailing at halftime, the top-seeded Wolfpack rallied in the third quarter to pull away from eighth-seeded South Florida, winning 79-67 to advance in the women’s NCAA Tournament.

Amid the celebration, Edmonds felt a pang of heartache. Because while she’s of course thrilled to continue the quest for a national championship, another week in Texas also means another week away from her two oldest daughters, 6-year-old Nylah and 3-year-old Halyn.

When the NCAA announced plans for a bubbled tournament played entirely in Texas, it told teams they’d be limited to a 34-person travel party. That included everyone: players, coaches, trainers, administrators … and children. If coaches wanted to bring their kids into the bubble, they’d count against the 34-person total — even if the kids were nursing infants.

NC State associate head coach Lindsay Edmonds had to leave her 6-year-old daughter Nylah (standing, center) and 3-year-old daughter Halyn at home because kids count against teams’ 34-member travel rosters. (Photo: Courtesy Lindsay Edmonds) 5 things about this Woman- A Crazy Mom- Leopard 3D Hoodie

That’s why Edmonds, 38 and in her eighth season with the Wolfpack, kissed her two oldest daughters goodbye as she boarded a charter for San Antonio, toting 6-month-old Ahlyna, who’s still nursing. Her husband, Ulrick, came along to help care for Ahylna.

This came after a heartbreaking conversation with Halyn, 3.

“Last season, before COVID obviously, Nylah went on her first charter trip to Pittsburgh,” Edmonds said. “I promised Halyn that she’d get to go on the plane next time. So when she found out Ahlyna was going on this trip and not her she told me, ‘But mommy! I was supposed to be the next one to go on the plane!’

“It was really hard to look at them and tell them I wasn’t sure when I’m coming back.”

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