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5 things about this Woman -A Crazy Mom- Skull Camo 3D Hoodie

On top of the increased demand for cannabis, Yee, who is also the CEO and Co-Founder of a cannabis beverage company called K-Zen, said cannabis has also become more accessible for parents in the past year. Not only are more cannabis dispensaries delivering since the start of the pandemic, but many businesses are focusing on discreet products such as edibles and cannabis-infused drinks that are more easily, and safely, enjoyed at home. 5 things about this Woman -A Crazy Mom- Skull Camo 3D Hoodie

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One such company is Kikoko, a top-selling, female-owned cannabis product brand whose primary consumers are women 34-55 years of age. Amanda Jones, Kikoko’s Co-CEO, says they’ve seen demand for their products rise in the past year, in large part because their teas, mints, and tinctures are all smoke-free products parents feel comfortable consuming around kids. One Kikoko customer wrote,

“I love Kikoko products because I don’t smoke and I can be super discreet around my daughter. I don’t really hide when I eat a Kikoko mint or sip some Sensuali-Tea… I let her know that this is an adult product just like I do when I drink wine.”

Jones added that another factor contributing to the success of their products this past year was that parents are looking for alternatives to alcohol for stress-relief.

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“There were so many memes flying around about the increase in wine consumption here in California, that I think an alarm went off among moms,” Jones said. “This helped them become open to low dose cannabis alternatives to help them with stress, sleeplessness, and the focus needed to homeschool. And, because alcohol is a neurotoxin and cannabis is a neuroprotective, moms and dads have been able to wind down and enjoy being with their children without the risk of a hangover.”

Of the parents surveyed in the recent Harris Poll, 57% said their cannabis use had reduced or completely replaced their consumption of alcohol. Kathryn Cannon, a plant integration specialist who works with patients using medical marijuana, said it could be a healthier alternative for parents seeking ways to wind down in the future – baring in mind that, for parents in certain social demographics, the weight of the stigma surrounding parents using cannabis may override its anxiety-relieving effects.




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