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EXCLUSIVE: A New Jersey couple temporarily forced to deplane a Spirit Airlines flight departing Orlando, Fla., for Atlantic City accused the budget carrier of lying when it said they — and not their young child — refused to obey a federal mask mandate.

Ari and Avital Eisenberg, of Toms River, N.J., were on Monday flight 138 with their children — Rikki, 2, and Daniel, 7, who has special needs — after spending a Passover vacation in Florida. Avital is also seven months pregnant.  5 things about this Woman- A Dog Mom- Sun Flowers 3D Hoodie

The couple told Fox News that a flight attendant kicked them off the plane because Rikki was not complying with the airline’s mask policy., which stipulates that passengers ages 2 and older must wear a mask. Avital Eisenberg said she also explained that her son has frequent seizures and that covering his mouth can induce them and promised to do her best to make sure he kept the covering on.

According to a video posted on social media, a flight attendant is seen telling the family to get off the plane for “non-compliance.”

“I told you, noncompliance — you’ll have to get off. I didn’t want to do this,” says a flight attendant who was not the crew member who initially confronted the family.

“We’re wearing masks,” Avital Eisenberg says.

“She not wearing one,” the flight crew member says of the 2-year-old sitting on her mother’s lap eating yogurt. “The pilot wants you off.”

“She just turned two,” the mother says.

After some arguing, the flight attendant leaves and threatens to call the police.

“She just kept repeating that she needs me to deplane and I said im not going anywhere, I didn’t do anything wrong,” Avital Eisenberg told Fox News. “We tried to explain that we’re doing everything we can with the kids.”


Other passengers can be heard coming to the family’s defense, with one man saying he will make sure the family wears masks on the flight, while another woman says that other young children on the flight aren’t wearing masks.

The female flight attendant, who reportedly spoke to the family on behalf of one of her male coworkers, says “it’s not my choice” as the father argues that they also have a son with special needs on board with them.




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