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Once upon a time there was a Girl who really loved books and cats poster

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I love all of this. We always do a birthday dinner on my brothers bday who passed 4 years ago. It just feels good to talk about him and reminisce. Sending hugs!  Adrian, your writing just draws me in to every word you write. This was so beautifully written as always by you. Thank you for sharing Adam with us. I did not know him well but through you, what a beautiful soul he was and still is

  • I lost my stepbrother a year ago 2/10/19 and my rainbow daughter was born 2/10/20 after several losses. Its been such an emotional rollercoaster. I cry with you in honor of your loss of your brother. Big hugs and take one moment at the time.
  •  It was indeed Adam’s magnanimous spirit and smile that lit up the sky for you tonight and warmed your hearts again. Happy Birthday Adam. I miss and love him too I share a birthday year and month with your brother. Tomorrow I will turn 50. Thank you for helping me remember life is gift and to appreciate the time I’m given.
  •  Through tears of love and huge grief. ….Happy Birthday Adam. You are really beautiful.
    I lost 2 brothers this year …March and June. My life ….as Yours Adrian. …will never be the same . Like You , I praise God for the time we had , to love each other and to grow and know Sibling love. Love , really does hurt.
  • I read it. And read it again. And then again. Tears. I have so much empathy for you. As the mother of five, four boys and a girl, all I can hope is that they love each other the way you love Adam.

One of the best things about your being so present in “the blogosphere” is our learning about Adam. He is truly living through your loving memories and words, and we all get to embrace and appreciate both of you and your love for each other.

That love between a brother and sister is so special. Mine is my best friend–4 years apart. She was also “my baby.” Our father died when we were very young. Even though we were already very young adults, we raised each other after we lost our mother. My heart goes out to you and so does my love. This touched me deeply.

Thank God you had those years together and that you were old enough to remember him and the good times you shared. Some times our memories get us through the tough times. God Bless you and your family.

Once upon a time there was a Girl who really loved books and cats poster