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Alabama Crimson Tide Face Mask

Alabama Crimson Tide Face Mask

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I belong to the newest generation of adults , with the advent of social media people have become more self deprecating than the previous generation , instant gratification has been positively reinforced that we have forgotten to become more patient towards others and ourselves. Hookups , one night stands , friends with benefits are normalized in society so much so that people who fervently practice chastity are mocked and ridiculed. It scares me to think that with the way our minds have been conditioned , we rely on another person for our happiness and expect the other person to cater to our needs before we pay attention to them. Well said Kaylee. My husband and are coming up on 59 years together. Wouldn’t change this life with my husband for anything. But we all have to keep God first to make it work It’s been 13 years since my love became my Mister. I still remember how many people were naysayers when I started down this path of marriage. I’m thankful that I didn’t listen and that the Lord has guided our paths. I’m thankful that each day we choose each other and that even when times get tough we love each other through it. Marriage is whatever you make it to be, just like anything else in life. I mean I work about people who say they’re marriage is all sunshine and rainbows… One day they’re probably in for it… Marriage is hard… But it’s also wonderful! I highly recommend marrying your best friend.