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All lives splatter Nobody cares about your protest shirt, tank top, hoodie

All lives splatter Nobody cares about your protest shirt

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I’m not a police officer but you try to control some of these people that are on drug’s and try to protect them from hurting them self. No matter the color of your skin, most police officers are just doing their job. Some people need to put themselves in the officers shoes and think what you would do. Officers have the right to protect themselves just like someone not in uniform. All i am trying to say stop calling racist if the officers doing their job and need to do what needs to be done if someone is not obeying the law. two people that have aposing veiws can talk with respect to each other i wish we all could do that , i was just called ignorant and told to shut up smh ,im gald everyone is not like that. I totally agree that resisting arrest has repercussions. However, being a graduate of BLET in 1996 in NC we were taught to use force properly. There is exerpts regarding ” not engaging with an assailants head etc….” Strangely enough that seems to be the place of choice. some of these videos I,ve seen omg listening to them you can’t distinguish who the felon or arestee from the public official is, by the lango unless you are looking right at the video.
There is a need for more training across the board for ummm all races so Ive observed. Its Justice and an arrest. Then comes the trial. NOT THE JERRY Springer show. Regardless, there is no need for a knee on the neck when arresting someone especially when it may cause death. I am sure there has to be an easier way. I think maybe you could show them how to do it then, I laugh at all the people that have never dealt with violent non co-operative criminals that have zero regard for anyone else’s life or safety, and if it was you Shirley on the recieving end how would you restrain him ? Your right , why struggle when a bullet stops resistance real quick …. I mean , that’s what your implying , since we can’t just say “oh he’s resisting, guess we just need to let him go and try again when he’s ready”… I have no idea how I would restrain him. I just don’t believe in violence of any kind because they is the way my parents taught me and I couldn’t hurt a fly.