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Amity Island Welcomes You Poster

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This is not mere persecution of conservatives, Donny. There must be censorship of hate rhetoric to protect all Americans. Therefore, social media are not going far enough. Donny should be getting censored almost every day. A sitting president that not only condones domestic terrorism, but incites it! Trump never called white supremacists fine people. He was talking about the people who genuinely wanted the statues to stay. You can cherry pick which words to hear and thats fine but don’t spread it as fact. It would be impossible to prove censorship. Congress has seen how these platforms work they know there is no censuring. But Trump is too stupid to understand they way these platforms work. If it were not for Trump being president he would not be on Twitter. You spelled censorship wrong, dumb ass, and Donald is lying. James Woods is not banned from twitter, Conservatives are not being censored, and Social Media has become loud with Pro-Trump Propaganda. Mike Bernie Eagle Who gets to decide what a ‘hateful bigot is? You? lol There are plenty of very racists anti-white posts all over facebook, calling white people every name in the book. Bashing Christians,etc. Scott Willis Yes, I am sure you would like that coward because there would be no one to challenge you and make you actually be exposed to different opinions. You and yours could just marinate in your Kool-Aid! For doing things like this when we have a freedom of speech. Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.. . The government needs to pass a bill against these companies from stealing people’s freedom of speech. And the law should read and if they don’t then they are not only breaking our constitutional right but lose their business licenses to even operate as a business. Hit them where it hurts , the pocket . Wallace Stuman the constitution doesnt protect from consequences from private entities. Learn the Constitution before you speak about it.  Wallace Stuman that would literally be against the first amendment for the government to try and regulate the speech of a private company. Wallace Stuman terrible idea…the government shouldn’t have the power to force a business to do anything. Not bake a cake, not moderate it’s users, nothing. If you want to show your opposition to how a company operates stop giving them business.