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When you call someone a little brain. You’ll need to have grown up sentences to be taken seriously. So I’ll gladly stand in the place of Ulyceez Enrique Gil, and have plenty of fun watching you try to create sentences to try and down play any of these issues. Religion has nothing to do with abortion, location has nothing to do with abortion, race has nothing to do with abortion. also you went to Forrest so you’re automatically my boy right now and I’ll have a great time laughing at all these little people during this time with you! you show me 4 dead black cops (and if they were unjustly killed, of course I feel bad) I’ll show you another 50 black people unjustly killed by cops as well, do not go tit for tat with me if this is your argument lady.

Regarding your racist planned parenthood founder, feel free to fact check if you want you’re wrong. If black lives matter, Then why are more black babies aborted then other races. If you don’t believe me, look it up. Regarding the ActBlue and how it works as a middleman, not the ultimate receiver, whether the ethics on how that money is dispersed, same as how trump is hiding where 500 BILLION dollars of that stimulus act actually went to, is up for debate. that goes away from black lives matters miss Sarah. That goes into pro choice vs pro life. So you are wrong. If you don’t believe me… read more. what a woman wants to do with her body is her choice and if more black woman want to abort their babies, that’s on them

What should be done is sexual education should be taught at a younger age, de-stigmatized and birth control and condoms should be made more affordable.