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I am only wearing this so sheeple don't have anxiety attacks face mask4

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With all do respect Tales of an Educated Debutante. I truly appreciate you shedding your thoughts on this tragedy and Ahmaud story but I would like to clear some things up. The question that was asked to me by a Jax news reporter when being interviewed last week (April 30th, 2020) BEFORE THIS VIDEO. I answered as followed in the statement above. They were trying to make this about just the African Americans here when this has affected our entire community as a whole NOT JUST THE AFRICAN AMERICANS.
They have now posted comments from that interview with this video that was released yesterday. As if they interviewed me AFTER this video was released. Here is the attachment to the original article. God Bless and much respect to you all. Thank you for sharing Ahmuaud’s story as I said before . To the family of this young man….I am so sorry for your kids. And in particular for how it happened. It was senseless and avoidable by any right thing individual. I am praying for healing and justice for your family. They took this young man life, they chase him down in their vehicles & took his life. Ahmaud lived in this neighborhood, he jogged every day, I’m sure they seen him before… Ahmaud was targeted & murdered… My heart started crying for before my eyes did….this was flat out a hate crime and if you can’t see that then your part of the problem too. I really hope justice is served for this young man he didn’t deserve this. Who think their going to die while just jogging or while black. This person had a dash cam. Same device I have in my sons car for this purpose. It records everything. Im just glorified the video was shared so Arbery view of events can be seen and the shooters story can be debunked.