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So, a person who works for a state-funded hospital and has surgery or is admitted or whatever, has to pay out-of-network costs at the hospital they work at? Mission Hospital in Asheville did this with Blue Cross a couple of years ago. Mission’s employees were out of network. Mission caved really quick. It’s going to go down to the wire, school is going to start back and come open enrollment they wont have it worked out. We have to just keep calling our reps. I’d like to know why providers aren’t signing on. I’m a provider, have read the contract, & signed on. I love serving teachers & plan to continue providing services post January 2020, unless the plan causes undue hardship for my practice. Sara, I think some of the procedures are extremely underpriced and some providers do not want to share medical history of their patients with the state. Pricing for what we get and what hospitals get is very different. Hospitals have to cover the cost of unpaid bills, which sometimes is quite significant. Under this plan they won’t have the money to do that. Heidi Varner makes sense to a degree. Without seeing the procedures list, it’s hard to really say if hospitals would lose $ causing hardship. The most ins fraud is incurred by large hospitals. Ins co’s are no better – stripping away care & coverage wherever they can. Health ins co’s already have med info on their members and so does every self-insured business or organization. It feels like a game of chicken with members losing out. Dear god don’t get me started on this man. I have unfortunately known him since I was a child through church. It doesn’t get any worse than him. I’m a state 17.5 year employee. I work for the CDSA and have the 70/30 plan…….my copays are $40 for primary, $94 for specialist, $100 for urgent care, therapies are $72, and $374 +deduc + 30% for ER. SO EXPENSIVE! I recently heard that Cone and any provider affiliated with Cone is not willing to see us anymore in network……a little nervous. I hate to say it but my brain just doesn’t wrap-around stuff like this so I didn’t quite understand. You helped me understand, thank you!