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I so want to return to Helsinki. The traffic was crazy but understandable given they have such a short spring/summer. So beautiful and I loved the waterfront market! Helsinki was a lovely surprise on our Baltic cruise. Loved the city and their lifestyle. USA could learn a lot from Scandinavia.

  • It was interesting to read about my birthplace and things I didn’t know. I’ve been back to Helsinki, my hometown twice since immigrating to Canada  Absolutely loved one day in Hesinki on a Baltic Cruise. Thanks to your show, I knew to go open air market down by the government offices. Went inside the above church and also the Russian Orthodox church. Also went into the market with the meats and cheeses. It is truly a beautiful city.
  • We flew Finn Air on a trip to Europe. It was the first time that we flew an airline other than a US based airline. I’m afraid that all we saw of Finland was the airport, but the people were so friendly.  Loved Helsinki! We were there many years ago when my choir performed in the Church of the Rock. Unforgettable
  • Thank you, Rick. I hear your voice as I read your words, and your smile is heard in that voice. Someday soon, Europe will welcome us again. Until then, please keep posting! I was in Helsinki at that church last summer n I absolutely love it there…the people are so nice n they have the best coffee I’ve ever had…cannot wait to go back again

We were in Helsinki 2 summers ago and saw this cathedral. Magical trip and I used your guide book to plan my trip. We stayed in a prison converted to hotel katajanokka. Helsinki was a wonderful last stop on our Scandinavian trip to visit relatives in 2016. We met family in Vasa,Finland as well as Frovi, Sweden. We are Swedish Finns!

I recall well seeing that beautiful church for the 1st time from the Silja ferry as we pulled into Heslnki after the overnight trip from Stockholm. It was such a fun, pleasant & interesting side excursion from Sweden. I loved wandering Helsinki, a city, I admit, I really didn’t know much about, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s pretty, especially around the water front, it’s easy to navigate by foot, & everyone I encountered was polite. A highlight— the Temppeliaukio church. Even as someone of a different faith—Jewish here— that structure & it’s breathtaking architecture blew me away! It was mesmerizing. I highly recommend Helsinki!

Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake face mask