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Aunticorn The woman The myth The bad influence hoodie

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You hit the nail on the head. As a NYC kid who moved to Atlanta in the mid 70s I was both amazed and horrified by some of the black and white people I met. (Im black) All of my Grandparents were from the South and one Grandma Shared her stories of her grandparents who were small children at the end of the Civil War and were among the first former enslaved to be taught to read. I was taught the importance of school, hard work, self reliance and the importance of bacon grease and making a good biscuit. I met the cowardly and the brave. I know wearing red under your clan robes makes you look fat.(or so I overheard in class one day) While living in Clayton County (1976 yikes!) I had a group of white kids convince me to stop hiding in the bathroom and come to the cafeteria with them to eat. They didn’t care “how it looked”. They just circled the wagons and got to know me. We lasted 3 months until the night my mother drove to Tenneco to use the pay phone. The parking lot filled with “Dixie boys” in their pickup trucks screaming obscenities. The young female clerk came out of the store with a rifle in hand and ran them off.(I learned that Southern women can be both bad and when they need to be badass).The clerk asked her if she had a daughter in school. (In spite of my name Im a female). It wasn’t hard to figure out the black lady had the 1 black child in town. She told my mother I had nice manners and that’s why she came out to help, no worries about any consequence to herself. Badass.
Its no different then people who come to NYC for a few days and go home saying they know all about NY State. The South is many things ugly and beautiful. Life is never simple. You have to get to know variety of people and places with an open mind and heart. Trae Im gonna pass on the chitterlings. (chittlins).Sorry this was so long.