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In a world where you can be anything be kind Autism Awareness face mask

In a world where you can be anything be kind Autism Awareness face mask

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Are you proposing teachers return to school for certain students and not others or are you wanting them to risk their lives and your childrens’ lives and just get back to school and teach so you don’t have to? Gawd? Feel free to give teachers a much needed wage increase! Did you know single teachers can’t survive on poor salary! Unbelievable North Carolina!!! These teachers are professionals and deserve compensation at a higher pay scale. Certainly a pandemic brings about a whole different world of social existence for everyone. But to assume that how we operate during this time is how we should operate in the future is even more short sighted than where we are now. Now reveals the crack.It’s not “what” but “who” will teach the children. There is nothing remote about learning. To read assumes there is a book or written word, to write assumes there is something to express, to count means there are problems to solve. Remote learning can entertain thought, but it doesn’t do more than that. Either we need or don’t need public education. But if there ever was a crisis to prove how badly it is needed it is what is going on now. The driving force for education is still the student and the family. They pay the bills, they require the support, they guide the future of the society. Mandates from the top should include parental input. I seriously doubt families have been asked, or even if they have an answer. So maybe it needs to be two plans…Plan A builds up in a crisis response and Plan B builds upon social and some remote learning. The fact that teachers, students, and families have done as well as they have just proves resilience, but a crisis plan shouldn’t be long term. I fear the whole system is going to collapse under knee-jerk decisions. I need to do some research. Where did this bill come from? Who does it benefit? There’s no way my daughter can learn what she would have learned in her classroom with her teacher. She has two educated and dedicated parents who are struggling with maintaining our own full time workload along with helping her with her virtual learning! She has an amazing teacher who is working so hard but none of us have ever done this before. I can barely do second grade math the way it is being taught these days! Our school loaned us an iPad because we did not have enough devices in our house for everyone to be working at the same time. What about all the families who don’t have access or time or intention? Who does it serve to pretend like we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic and continue to hold everyone accountable for all the same standards? It’s insane.