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Autism doesn’t come with a manual It comes with a family that never gives up Lion poster

Autism doesn't come with a manual It comes with a family that never gives up Lion poster 1

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Of course you would say that, you like socialism, CNN fake news, free college, baby killing, gun control, higher taxes, open borders, voting without an I.D. free medical, gender free restrooms, gender free people and you probably voted for Bernie or Hillary. Think I’ll pass on your opinion, I’ll vote against those things and vote “crazy”Trump again in 2020. Because he said on National tv that he believes Putin over his own DOJ & FBI. He still bashes the FBI & DOJ because he doesn’t agree with them. He thinks his own DOJ is crooked & he has his base believing it too. He wants them to look bad, so he looks better. Representatives, please put US citizen’s rights first by starting the process for the following:
Create a government website for voting constituents to state their concerns, monthly vote to rank those concerns, and always post the results for viewing by US citizens, etc. Start a constitutional amendment to modernize the Presidential Election process, etc; Start a constitutional amendment so that US Representatives are elected on odd years; Start a constitutional amendment so that a US Senator’s term is four years long and elected on the even year opposite the president. Then constituents can vote every year, etc. Reconstruct the federal court system so that it’s more efficient, and they don’t throw out the appeals, especially misconduct appeals, of US citizens. Also a system that demotes and promotes judges based on their record on being overruled, eliminates bias Judges, etc. Make a law that gives nonaffiliated candidates and voters access to primary ballots. Create a Federal Highway Patrol for our interstates and federal highways that gives returning veterans opportunities for jobs, and create federal highway laws. Improve the interstate system by: raising the minimum speed limit, lengthening busy entrances and exit ramps that will make it safer and help eliminate delays, etc. Mandating the testing of more car safety devices.
Define a minor as someone under 20, and extend free education for dependent minors through a community college or high school college accredited courses, and free public preschool. Protect employees who make written complaints for improper or illegal company actions. Require public schools and government facilities’ computers accessible to local US citizens. Set up an investigation into the decelerating of the rate of climate change, etc.