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It’s an impossible situation until we have a treatment or vaccine. People want to get back to normal. I get it. We are bored. We’re hanging in there as best we can though in the hopes that my daughter, who has missed all the pomp and circumstance of her graduation, might at least be able to attend college in the fall. But with the numbers increasing (as expected with the ease of restrictions), it seems that is becoming less likely to happen.

  • I think this was a really kind and gentle approach to something that is definitely bothering a lot of people. I have appreciated the fact that Governor Cooper has been cautious and wanted to follow the science. I do not like the details that don’t seem to make sense. Acknowledging that leading and making these decisions during a time of extreme uncertainty has to be incredibly difficult and making all the people happy all the time is impossible, I hope that he listens to your plea.
  •  If schools don’t open, grandparents like me will be forced to home school a kid with a IEP. I’m not ready for this, nor do I wish to do this. Young families are a two parent, outside the home workers.
  • It’s the same in FL. We’re in phase 2 of re-opening which basically has opened everything in some capacity. That has given people the impression it’s safer now so there are bigger crowds everywhere, less masks are seen, less social distancing, less thought of the pandemic…and our case numbers are rising!

Dont forget mass funerals, but people could not comfort dying family members in hospitals/nursing facilities! I understand the funerals, do not misinterpret that, it’s the principal of an individual making a conscious decision/choice to go in with a loved one who is expected to pass away, and they are not allowed in….and they pass with a sweet nurse, who is a stranger, and not their own family!

Do you see people dropping like flies from sickness? Kids sick? The fact is of the 1006 deaths in our state due to Covid, 835 are from people over 65 and of that number at least 611 came from Nursing Homes or Residential Care Facilities and the remainder had 2-3 “co-morbidities”. People aren’t dumb. They know Cooper likely has the most TRUE info of anyone yet they see him in throngs of 100s of people, unmasked and laughing. If this were that serious he would know and never leave the mansion.

Baby Groot Hug Metallica shirt, long sleeve,tank top