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Baby Groot hug baby Yoda face mask

Baby Groot hug baby Yoda face mask4

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Actually it’s the governors and mayors of cities like Portland, Seattle and NYC to name a few who are the failures. The Democratic house of reps are the failures… put the blame where it’s due… quit using the same lame MSM rhetoric… get a brain and start thinking for yourself. What do you have to say for the Mayor that is sitting by and allowing this faction to harm the people they swore to protect? I want someone to come in and protect my family that lives there. “The CBP spokeswoman said the agency had information that person was suspected of assaults against federal agents or destruction of federal property and ‘a large and violent mob’ moved toward the agents once they approached the suspect,” Reuters added. “‘For everyone’s safety, CBP agents quickly moved the suspect to a safer location for further questioning,’ the spokeswoman said. She said agents wore a CBP insignia during the encounter, but that their names were not displayed to protect them against retribution.” Klevis Kimca bring out the tanks and mow down the citizens like china? I thought we lived in a “free world” my bad i guess we need more people in jail or executed than any other country so we can enjoy our free society… it is illegal and unconstitutional for the federal government to send in federal law enforcement to a city without that city (or State) requesting such support. It’s the rule of law. look at Michelle Fiaz’s profile. No picture or information. Who is really behind this fake profile. It is a conspiracy to bring down this country if you can’t see that POTUS has left this to the states, you are really uninformed. People need to get their lives and businesses back. You do not believe in Constitutional rights! POTUS has shown great restraint!