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Baby Yoda I don’t care what day it is It’s early I’m grumpy I want coffee shirt, hoodie, tank top


Baby Yoda I don't care what day it is It's early I'm grumpy I want coffee long sleeved

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What hurts m they don’t die in their homes or their working place, but after u people making kavuyo and people loose their life. Keep praising that ur supported when people are dying. I need change but today I have lost energy in u, y didn’t u move wz few people than making rally where people have ended up loosing their life? In the end I will and not only m ffe nnyabo tuwulira amaloboozi gabantu. Nnyabo I stay in Busoga and we are silent compaigner ba Bobi ggwe anziramu bino oyinza nokuba ngatonakyusa namuntu nomu. gwe kankute oli na gasiya nnyo. Kayinza nokuba nga nendanga muntu tekalina. Ggwe wandagilira wenayita nganyingira? Kati kino bwokigamba Abantu kkumi do u know how many votes of pp u have lost? Muddemu amagezi mwemututtira ekintu. Why do you always blame museveni and yet he very wisely stated no congregations but you still make people congregate and I hope you see the results. When an old person speaks and you fail to listen most of the time you find hard things. We read about some many dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, napoleon, Mugabe, mubutu, and Gaddafi but where are they now. In this world we live once even if u cling in power time comes and u to go. Killing ugandans wont save M7 any more. His time is out, we must get rid of M7 in anyway possible. Bobi2021 is the answer, RIP COMRADE. we were watching everything via map mediya but can’t forget the way how guys most especially ghetto speaker tried to do what possible to rescue Charles mutyabulez life but coz of the bad condition in hospitals Charles passed away, there was no oxygen in the hospital but we r in tears however we r strong because very soon we r going to overcome this and history will judge. Rip Charles and well b back from jinja, special thanks to body guard Eddie mutwe.