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Good luck to the winner to morrow,,,sadly I couldn’t join in ,,,if I had won would be too far away for me to attend,, Thanks for to days song take care and keep safe, Tommy that was amazing your are brilliant thanks for all your wonderful songs that you have sang for us stay safe Tommy from south Kilkenny.

  • That’s a catchy tune I haven’t heard you sing that before. Victoria is still in lockdown. although Wodonga is only level 2. Hope your family are well, Lovely song. Thanks as always. Unfortunately can’t really buy a raffle ticket as I live in Edinburgh but have a ticket for your streamed concert in November which I’m looking forward to
  • Thanks for saving this awesome treasure..A definite tearjerker for me..What a happy resilient, gorgeous baby..I’m so happy she has a second chance at life with this loving family!!
  • My heart hurt when I first saw that extremely sad, beat up face!!She was so dull in the eyes and I am always in awe of the resilience of the pitties as to how they come back and actually seem to smile when they recover. Love and kindness by the right human hands works miracles
Love pittie rescue stories. They are some of the most resilient, loving, smart and loyal dogs out there. I wish they didnt get such a bad rap. With love and appreciation they are one of the best breeds hands down. There’s a reason they were called nanny dogs in the 1800s
I adore how this woman speaks to this puppy. At the beginning she’s instantly connected with her and it’s amazing. Brought me tears of joy, exactly, that’s exactly what they did, poor baby, I hope and pray that who ever did this to her and who ever does this to any dog, Dies of the most horrific Death, I sometimes hate people.
I have two rescued dogs a d there my whole world. I promised both of them they will be spoiled for the rest of there life, nothing but the best, I save animals that come my way and birds seem to come to me most of all and I’ve got a feral cat that I’m trying to help .

Baby Yoda and Baby Groot Jeep shirt,tank top, hoodie

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