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Baby Yoda Get in loser We are getting chicky nuggies shirt

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I have always welcomed you into our home (via tv lol) and have so much respect for you and the wealth of knowledge that you share. We have enjoyed many suggestions in your books and shows while traveling in Italy. (And we secretly wished both times there that we would run into you ) I appreciate everything that you have posted and will continue to support you! I have closely read about half of this article in paragraph telling us the rest. But I think it’s remarkable and I love this man. Thank you so much. Thank you for you speaking out. We are in dangerous times and need to support positive change. Travel does expand and enhance one’s outlook and ideally brings tolerance. Thank you Rick for all you continue to do, to spread this very positive message and open people’s eyes. I saw a quote on somebody’s Facebook page recently that seems to ring a little true here. I’d rather lose some of my business, and keep all of my soul. Thank you Rick for inspiring us to open our eyes to other cultures and views from other countries. Continue educating us through their history and politics while reflecting on our own. Pleade continue your cause! Good for you Rick!! When we travel outside of this country, our eyes are opened more to this country, and often the comparison is stark. Politics and travel absolutely go hand in hand, and more Americans could learn about this country by immersing themselves in another for a week or two. Again, you bring intelligent, enlightening and refreshing conversation about the reality of our world today! I have long been a friend of your programs and have used your guide books as I traveled thru Europe and elsewhere. You are so very right in your assessments of what travel does for us. Enriching our lives and understanding varied cultures. I love your programs when you are hosting WTTW fundraising season. It is like sitting and chatting with a good friend. I love how you are posting on FB now!!! Blessings to you always!