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Baby Yoda Halloween tree shirt, tank top, hoodie

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I finally got my front door done. This is my first time to show anything I’ve done. The wreath on the door is an antique frame that mirror was broken. My husband is cut me a board to fit and I painted it black and stenciled welcome on it.My name is Sandra I have watched you do many of your crafts. But I can never seem to catch you live!!! What do you mean when you say dm you or pm you? Anyway I enjoy watching you

  • if she chooses your name for a giveaway you have to Private Message (PM) her day your address through Facebook messenger. I got these candles which has a remote you can change them to several different color each one a different color by a remote control and they smell like vanilla I just love them
  • How do I find the instructions or video on making the mannequins? They are so pretty and I would like to make one for my granddaughter.Hi Can you please tell me where i find to make the Clothes Pin Dragonfly ?they are just fab!! My grankids would love these in the garden …im a newbie from the UK ,an just love your crafts .
  • Love watching your videos, I started crafting again you have inspired me.. Made the trees from Shims, metal flowers, Balloon flowers, working on tree from the metal paper towel holder, and the star from three hangers..

Its been years since I have done any crafts. I remarried in 2014 and 40 days later, my husband died. I guess I have been in a horrible funk ever since. I love watching your videos, Barb. I can watch them for hours!

She was just on live and said if she gets home tonight before it gets dark she will put in ground if not tomorrow! She doesn’t know what works yet! My take on the Shim tree. I only had popsicle sticks. I live about 45 miles from the city. I think it came out good. Look away from the dust…!!

The wings were 89 cents they were butterflies so I used the string beads off them and the wings and the antennas for my bee.

Baby Yoda Halloween tree shirt, tank top, hoodie