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My anger is at the lack of reaction by the UK MSM and Left Wing Politicians to the murder of three innocent law abiding White men in a park in Reading, UK , compared to the murder of one Black male convicted criminal in Minneapolis USA,4000 miles away? Of course they reacted – Boy Boris came out with the usual regrets and commiserated. Priti had her say. Not that you would have noticed – even though you are a Tory ,- why are you giving your team a hard time? where were the BLM group this last weekend when 100 black people were shot, 4 teenagers and one 3 year old being killed in America? Not one peep from them as it doesn’t suit their agenda. 100 black lives and BLM dont even comment. Really? it is the hidden meaning behind that statement. Also why does it need to be said as no one ever has said white lives don’t matter. Why are people deliberately misinterpreting the BLM message? She’s done one after I’d just penned a great reply I came to post it but it wouldn’t post because she’s removed herself from an argument she clearly lost…

Agreed, the sooner we remove all the Left Wing Marxist educators the better it will be for our kids and just as importantly our great Country… yea get rid of the worthless comprehensive education system that labour love. Not everyone an academic. Education should be based on what people are good at. We should be working on people strengths not on a one fits all system. Some people are brilliant with their hands good at building or creating stuff. Others are sport minded and should be given the opportunity to take they talents as far as they go. We all got skills we just need to fine out what they good at and help the children to discovery this. Instead we just shove everyone into one system.