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Baby Yoda Stay In Your Pod Social Distancing Face Mask

Baby Yoda Stay In You Pod Social Distancing Face Mask

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I wish you best lack to see your own reflection. Batel of light and sadow. Now go to mirror and said does thinks one more time and look! What to you see? I wish one they you take this mask, out, and looking mirror and smile. I only doing does think to get, film, you no i was always dream to be actress. Let private businesses decide If masks are required and we can choose like Americans to wear face diapers, or muzzles. Allowing anyone in government to mandate individuals wear or buy things because it was the idea of the week is simply going to cause Americans to question why is a non air born rated rag or insufficient mask being forced down our throats. Either ramp up production of proven respiratory virus blocking rated masks that actually could help in extremely densely populated crowds or inside public transportation. You would think after almost 4 years people would understand when DJT is politicking. So he puts on a mask. Shouldn’t cost him any votes as long as he doesn’t try to force them on other people but yet may gain him some votes from the Bob’s and Karen’s out there who are on the fringe because they dont totally grasp what the Democrats plan to do to our country. Personally I think it’s a smart political move. You can bet that once he wins in November that will be the last of him wearing a mask. Hang in there and make dead sure we retain the senate and reclaim the house. It only took you how many months to wear a mask? You visited a cancer center without one and factories making masks and swabs contaminating them. You are the least patriotic but you are grasping at straws. This guy is such a joke. He wore a mask way after everyone else and the claim he’s “patriotic”? Really? The guy who made up an injury to avoid the draft during the Vietnam war is claiming to be patriotic? This guy is sick and a joke. Vote blue 2020!