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Baby Yoda Too Close You Are Face Mask

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We have 3 amazing dogs. They are great big brothers to our 11 month old son. But I would never let any of them sleep in his room or be with him without supervision. If my son makes a sudden move that scares the dog and they nip/bite I would never forgive myself for putting my son and the dog in that position.

  • My girl is the sweetest around people and children but dog aggressive and I wouldn’t leave her in a room alone with children although I’m sure she wouldn’t harm the child but there’s always a first time for everything
  • Poor dog, kid just sits on its head. We don’t deserve dogs! This is sweet and all but dangerous. It doesn’t matter how much they love each other a dog can nip if hurt, that could be devastating! Let the dog know it can go in the bed
  • We have a staffy our great grandaughter cuddles up with her plays withher sits on her when she has had enough she just gets up and moves she has been reared with my grandson he has aurtisum she knows she has to be gentle

Those 2 are best friends! Some dogs absolutely are great with kids anytime of the day or night. That dog probably insists on being in that toddler’s room cuz they have been growing up together. My dog unfortunately can not be left alone with children or adults. He is aggressive and we’ve been working with calming his aggressiveness everyday. He has his own temperament and he also is literally an old man; he gets moody once the sun goes down and literally wants to be left alone. We give him all the love and attention he needs but unfortunately cant leave him with anyone by himself.

Our 2 year old pug sits outside the shower when my 6 year old is in there and loves it when she opens the door so he can come in. As long as she is in there, he loves the shower. We keep trying to keep him out and when we go to check on her, half the time she has him in there

Awe when I was little and we got our first dog, my parents said they often found me sleeping with him on the living room floor. He wasn’t allowed upstairs so I went to him. I love that to see that the little boy gets out of his bed to cuddle that dog, has such a good relationship that boy with that dog I love it

Baby Yoda Too Close You Are Face Mask