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Have you ever tried getting plastic wrap off something it’s not supposed to be attached to? There is a possibility that a dog could run into the barrier and become entangled, with plastic across its face, and the owner wouldn’t be able to remove it in time. Only a small chance, admittedly, but it’s there, and not worth the risk just for a moment’s entertainment. You can’t be sure no dogs were harmed doing this challenge; if they were, the video was hardly going to be included in a montage of funny reactions. Taking down the plastic or not taking down the plastic….these viral challenges are so ridiculous from the first time they started them! Simple minded people with nothing more intelligent to do with their brains. Before it was just between people…I guess they have run out of ideas so now they have to bring in innocent and trusting animals and use them. Humans have the choice to embarrass themselves or not, your pets don’t. Sydney Androsuk …and there you are, LOL. I never said they left it up, I never said they took it down…never even said it was cruel. Bev Knowles Embree made the statement that she knew the plastic was removed as a point in defense of her opinion. I simply asked how she came by that knowledge since it was presented as a fact. No one was getting excited until you came along with your condescending “calm down sparky” comment. I was wondering if I missed something in the video. I deal with facts, not people’s unsupported conclusions. So if Bev chooses to answer, it’s up to her. You certainly didn’t bring anything to the discussion. She also never said she “knew” that they took it down. Only that she was sure that they did. But any common sensed animal lover would. I agree, not everyone is common sensed, nor do they see the danger of it being there.
Some people just don’t see consequences for things that appear seemingly innocent.
But my question for you is.. why get so hung up on wording when you could have just answered the original question and educated someone? Who then, in turn, could educate another person, thus created a domino effect of positive animal education?
This whole thread would have been a lot less hostile if someone had just chosen to be helpful, rather than defensive.