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Bath Soap Company Mickey mouse vintage poster

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Does all this really matter. She is protecting her family just like everyone else should be doing. She has money, so what, jealousy gets you nowhere. I love the diversity in our country.

  • Thank You for leaving us the soap that we can afford, instead of stocking up. You purchasing this expensive soap allows for more inexpensive soaps for us. People are so vile against You and Your entire family, my apologies for the Hateful.
  • I think Ivanka is a good mom, she is teaching her children to wash their hands so they don’t get sick. I love all the sweet pictures she shares of her children, can’t we all show love and support for her & her family. God Bless the Trump Family.
  • Some folks really like to look for ALL the opportunities to be angry. I see kids washing their hands. I can’t even recognize the soap bottle. And you know what? I don’t care how much it costs. If your biggest concern right now is how much the Trumps pay for hand soap, we should all be so lucky to have your life.

We’re have they been ,where is the First lady ? What hospitals have they visited? What help for others have they done for others ? What money have the donated ? Those are the questions we need to ask not about soap,that’s trivial.

Stop wineing if you could afford soap that cost that much good luck to you. At least she smart to keep her family safe, wash those hands over and over again. For heaven sake, the probably already had the soap and whose to say it wasn’t a gift from some one. This is America if you work hard and you’resuccessful you can speed YOUR money on the things that bring you pleasure.

Bath Soap Company Mickey mouse vintage poster