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Furthermorre, for many years now, for most Americans, the nine most terrifying words are: I’m from the government and we won’t help you, It’s not much different than when a doctor induces labor for a pregnant mother, pumps her so full of pitocin that baby’s heart rate drops. Then does an “emergency” c-section to “save the baby.”

  • Check back in with Sweden. That talking point hasn’t held up well either. You don’t think it’s super weird you’re basically hopscotching arguments the whole crisis because none of em have been holding up particularly well?
  • The complete and total lack of applying scrutiny to your own belief system or bothering to try to get informed of the science behind a crisis, is quite the response I didn’t expect every an cap ever to have but here we are.
  • Same goes how we’ve been lead to believe the story of when Jesus knocks on your door to save you from yourself from what he’s going to do to you if you don’t let him in. (See the trap).
  • There are those who will blame government (of all levels) for everything from having to pay taxes on income they have the priviledge to earn to stubbing their toe on a footstool as they walk carelessly across a room. It’s complicated.

Property, Income, Sales Taxes that provide everyday services that we all utilize (like hospitals, emergency services, paved streets, utilities (like water/sewer), street lights, parks, welfare, social services, graveyards, subsidies for education programs, day care etc etc etc)

Make no mistake, I don’t believe government or the people who pull those strings all do “good” things all the time .. but I also believe they all don’t do “bad” things all the time either. I believe the government here in Canada (or pretty much any where in the world) is as corrupt, complex and challenging as it’s citizen’s allow it to be.

So many of the same people will complain about government spending (for example) but would never turn down a subsidy or tax break because they would rather complain about it and benefit from it (which in turn perpetuates the very thing they are complaining about) than to turn it down in protest .

Be kind sign language face mask