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I was stung on my upper leg and swelled up under my arm and the whole top of my upper leg. So I got allergy shots for several several years. The next time I was stung, I had no bad reaction. I remember the last time I had an open can of soda outside, a bee flew inside, I took a sip, got stung in the mouth, almost died! Fun times they were.

  • I just wiped out a huge yellow jacket nest. They were attacking the loads of honeybees we have on the flowers, so they had to go! I can get right next to the honeybees with no problems. As long as you’re calm, they leave you alone, but those yellow jackets are jerks!
  •  I’ve stepped in a red anthill in Georgia and my dog and I were attacked by a swarm of Yellowjackets in Oregon. Although I agree the ants hurt more and the bites filled with puss but I found out I’m allergic to Yellowjackets. Luckily it was below the knee but my knee to my foot swelled for 5 days straight on Benadryl, probably had cellulitis, and now have an epipen. I mean really they both suck.
  • Wasps are also important to the ecosystem. This is why they are protected by law in Germany. You can have a nest mived without killing them. Maybe you have different wasps where you live, but we live with two different kinds on our balcony and never had a problem.
They do pollinate, they are just way worse at that than the honey bees. Also they hunt and kill all sorts of other insects that would if let unchecked harm trees and other plants. So no, they are not useless, on the contrary. But yeah, they are annoying little a-holes.
They go for hummingbirds too, over the feeders. Used to laugh though as the yellowjackets couldn’t figure out where the hummingbirds had gone, they moved so fast! I saw a yellowjacket attack a bee and the first thing he did was pop his head off then each leg and the wings. He flew away with the body. He trimmed him out in about 30 seconds! Gross!

Bee Happy Sunflower phone case

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