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Beetlejuice Starry Night poster

Beetlejuice Starry Night poster

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I did not know this. Thank you for sharing this. After all these years we are still having issues on this, very sad. I pray we all start seeing everyone as equals and seeing that all bring a little spice to life and embrace who we are. No matter what you believe, if you have empathy and love in your heart it will move you to love and care for others. I lived in Tulsa Ok. Got interested in their HISTORY. One if the most unjust thing happened in the Greenwood Area. Dark colored people were very affluent at this time. Doctors, business owners, Upper class.
The hateful people (you know who I’m talking about I refuse to use these initials as my cell phone wants to capitalize there initials and I have no respect. I don’t want anyone to hate me. I’ll let you know if I saw some messed I p stuff. Police being hurtful and shooting a innocent person make me fighting mad. I wonder where he was to observe that event? I am sure they wouldn’t have performed in Little Rock. Where else would they have performed in the Deep South which was mostly segregated in the early 1960s. Strange. It says he was visiting America, was sitting somewhere, heard a scream and witnessed this event. Later it says the Beatles saw other civil rights news on TV in England. So this was stated as if he witnessed in person. Everything is strange when all you have is doubt, because why would he be in the deep south. Read what he said. Maybe you’ve the strange one! Beautiful I never knew this. I most certainly have a new appreciation for Blackbird and for Paul McCartney.