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Being a veteran is an honor being a grandpa is priceless shirt, tank top, hoodie

Being a veteran is an honor being a grandpa is priceless shirt

Buy it now: Being a veteran is an honor being a grandpa is priceless shirt, tank top, hoodie

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Nothing surprising about it. It’s the same garbage that they’ve been doing for at least the last 4 years. I would love for someone to come up with a social networking site with games who still believe in free speech. If I don’t like something that someone posts, I know how to scroll past, unfollow or delete from my feed. I would not report anyone unless they were threatening to harm themselves or others. They buy it before it becomes big. WhatsApp could easily have added a “feed” to their service, and instantly had a massive competitor to FB. But, FB bought them. Government should not allow FB to buy other social media companies. Twitter is too biased. Even when one posts an already published copy of a Ben Garrison Cartoon, they lock you out. Totally bizarre behavior Twitter. Why then have a media site for people to express their opinions? James Woods was banned for posting a harmless quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that’s been used in movies and television! Ridiculous!!! The bias against conservative voices is real and 100% violation of free speech. The left can say literally anything and it’s perfectly fine per Twitter. cant the FTC and fcc look into twitter and Facebook breaking anit trust laws they need to be broken up like ma bell they are trying to control and or censor our voices and only let the haters have a platform to speak. Funny that there’s no big conservatives that have their own platform like Facebook or Twitter , obviously Facebook is making MZ billions so there’s big money in it which makes me wonder. I’m hoping for a social media platform that isn’t skewed way left. Remember MySpace? Facebook replaced it rather quickly; I see no reason why Facebook can’t become as obsolete as Myspace. We just need a fair and unbiased social network. I posted the same comment the other day. Facebook needs competition. But Facebook would never get back all the customers that would leave it in a heart beat. That’s for sure. Out of business before they even know what happened.