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I only have the one son, and I have the same issue with him at school. Sometimes it comes from other kids, and sometimes those ways of thinking and behaving sadly come from school staff members. Different public schools are also different though, I’m in the process of moving to get my son out of his current public school and into a different public school. All kids, and all adults, regardless of color or financial status are capable of misbehaving, making mistakes, and also are capable of being outstanding human beings. The problem for me comes in when the same behavior isn’t disciplined in the same way depending on who you are or what color you are. I considered pulling mine out and homeschooling, but when he grows up he will have to deal with all of the exact same issues in the adult real world, so it’s a toss up for me.

I’m just doing the best I can to teach him to live in the real world, not judge other people, to be kind to everyone, and to stand up for what’s right, even if it’s for someone else….but to stand up in the right ways and not the wrong ones. High School is more stressful for me now than it was when I went myself. Don’t we all wish we knew what to do? I feel so sorry for teachers and wonder what the classroom will be like when my grandchildren go. After reading the posts, I found this posted by one of my adult daughter’s friends, who happens to be a teacher. There is a nonprofit in Richmond that is seeking to help children and bring awareness in this space of trauma-induced behaviors. It is a real crisis and one I was not aware of. This article speaks primarily to the secondary trauma that teachers experience, but also lays out the root cause-trauma to young children and its effects. We have to get at the root causes of behavior issues waaaaay earlier to prevent the catastrophic results they produce down the road. It is an overwhelming task.