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My sister has cancer. She lost all of her hair so myself, my brother, my 2 nephews and my boyfriend all shaved our heads. She is in Arizona, I’m in California and my brother and nephews are in Minnesota so we shaved our heads at the same time on zoom.

  • It was fantastic! My sister had cancer in 2018, my 8th grade year (she is cancer free now and very well!) and my whole family shaved our heads along with her so she didnt feel alone, i did half of my head unlike the rest of my family.
  • That’s absolutely amazing!! What a brilliant, supportive family. Really hope she’s on the road to recovery Those who have hair in their head protect it.., not everyone has this beautiful gift for lifetime, they shed off, i would have adviced boy to not do that, but it’s his choice.
  • Society has glorified meaning of hair. Hair or no hair it’s about the person and how they can carry themselves with hair or no hair. People can rock literally any hairstyle. It should be punished by law for anyone to shame women who decide they want bald or don’t want long hair. Or shame men having long hair etc. Or if people don’t feel like shaving their pits or crotch (or any body part). It non of anyone’s business and invalid excuse for shaming anyone.

Your thoughts are valid, even if others don’t see the same way as you. Sorry you’ve been attacked, I for one scroll on when I don’t agree. Heather Pashin Nobody’s shaming or attacking him, they’re pointing out the boyfriend’s touching reasons for shaving his own hair. Relax, Abis Pandey Lefty is the one making a big deal of it. If it’s not about you, or doesn’t affect you just keep scrolling, no one asked your opinion. Have a great day!!

I have had severe alopecia since I was a teenager. Cancer is a deadly disease, alopecia only results in hairloss. It is not even worse! There is no comparing the two. I thankfully live a happy, healthy life , but it’s even worst, coz once a person gets it, it will come and go for rest of their life… would be lucky to get rid of it.. there is no cure for it As there is cure for cancer but not for this horrible illness.

I know what you mean… cancer is deathly but there is cure if you lucky you will survive But shaving your hair due to alopecia is heartbreaking for any woman who consistently loses their hair and Can get no treatment… She is a beautiful woman in spite of no hair. She is lucky to have someone like you in her life. I wish you both the very best. Some love stands like really forever .. they will wait for the person, they will accept all the pain even they will love the person after being death overall they know at the end of the day they will be complete with him/her no matter what comes and goes !

Biker Grandpa The Man The Myth The Legend shirt, tank top, hoodie

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