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Black Cat and Sink Company Wash your paws poster

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Good job! The way you took the time to help him so sweetly was beautiful, I’m sure he’s thankful, they can’t talk but they can feel love  Thank you for saving him. I try to watch out for them too. I have one that comes on my storm door and I talk to him. They are so cute.

  • This was very precious. Thank you for helping this little Gods creation. We humans should help all living beings this was truly amazing. I totally love seeing little lizards. Their amazing!
  • It was so wonderful to find someone that cares for these little fellows. I had 2 that I had that liked to lay eggs all over when I loved in hawaii, they were green. This is so sweet! And I loved how the lizard held onto her finger until she set him free! Good luck little guy!
  • What patience this girl had to get this tiny little lizard out that was stuck in a sink!! So impressed that she cared. There are still good people in this world!!

This is very cute the way she was talking to him trying to get him out as gently as possible. Kindness will never be out of fashion and I appreciate good people. Love this! I haven’t read all the comments must be Florida I once saved one from my pool by floating my flip-flop so he could get to safety, love them so cute !

Thanks for helping all God’s little creatures!!! I’m the same way  I’ve got 3 bumps on my truck because I was backing up trying to get turtles out of the road before they got squished  keep up the great work

Proud of her. And it is touching when you can save a sweet animal in distress. So glad she did the oil thing! On similar rescues I just want to yell “Try oil!” What a tail that boy has

So awesome how you helped him out. Try the dollar store for a strainer type insert that fits right in your drain. I believe they are stainless steel and they catch bigger particles while letting water flow. That would keep this from happening again.

Black Cat and Sink Company Wash your paws poster