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Black Cat Crack Sticker

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Just LET EM DIE…..not a surprise from trump…Ah…will they still get to stay in their homes when the banks foreclose for lack of mortgage payments by themselves or their landlords? I haven’t seen ya’ll ask the ones who can afford it the most, the banks, to suspend mortgage payments and start them back up from where they left off after this killing mess ya’ll brought to us is over. So proud to have a brilliant, fearless, morally centered Vice President instead of an ideologically driven, prejudicial, self-righteous immoral one. Bet Pence finds a way to chicken out of a debate with her.Let’s hope American can now dig itself out of this disaster that has been this “presidency” Once again you are not awarding anything. It is money passed. BY Democratic house of our own tax money. Better to get some of our tax money back instead of it just going( 250 million so far) for your golf 3? Days a week – every week! At your own golf course that you charge to taxpayers and put tens of thousands in YOUR pocket! Number one, go ahead and run for president if you think you can do a better job, all you have to do is convince people. Number two, it doesn’t make you look very good being negative instead of positive. Better luck next time kid but go ahead and have the final word if you feel the need to. I don’t need to run. Jo Biden is running. And I am so more positive than divider in chief trump . He insults, cries, whines, lies etc. everyone he puts in posts praising – then if won’t do his corrupt acts – he fires or they quit – all agree he is stupid. So my friend.