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Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster

Black Lives Matter Superheroes poster

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This is amazing!! It’s going to take so much effort and work. But this really needs to be highlighted. these people do not belong in the military. That would be a detriment to the Patriots that signed up to serve our country. most of these clowns have felonies which automatically disqualifies them from the military service. You also need to have a high school diploma. It’s doubtful that many of these have one. And the fact that their political ideology is not in sync with serving in the military they don’t belong there. They belong in prison. If even one black baby can be saved from abortion it would be a step in the right direction. When you don’t protect the most innocent and vulnerable what does that say about a society.

Absolutely! However it’s unlikely the Democrats will allow it, considering that Planned parenthood donates a considerable amount of money to them. Set up that way. Planned Parenthood gets fed money. Donates to Demtards. Demtards donate to planned Parenthood . And on and on ect. How about DEFUNDING the secret service security payrolls for protecting past presidents and their families…that money can be better spent elsewhere. don’t defund planned Parenthood. Because it does some good for low income females to get checked out and for birth control. But defund the Abortion the elective abortions. The ones not causing death to mom, incest and rape. Everybody else no welfare for abortion pay out of pocket. I will bet abortions go down. in today’s world there is no life without money. How do you eat? You got to the store or into the woods. Where do you sleep in a house or a bridge. Don’t be stupid. so by your ideology…we should just forget about or not worry a out the wrong the police are doing…