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Black Sabbath hawaiian shirt

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Louis Armstrong after the ceremony naming the New Orleans airport after him. “Would you ever consider moving back to New Orleans?” Louis Armstrong:. ‘Fuck no, ain’t nothing change and it never will’. I scrolled through all of these comments and I noticed one thing: they are all from white people. I don’t think that’s by accident because I have NEVER heard a Black southerner equivocate like this. Most of these comments also tacitly but certainly assume that white southern culture is the norm. There is no mention of the southern culture created by those who had to endure oppression and work long and hard to provide the lifestyle for those who “…do things slower, drink sweet tea…” and perpetuate the culture that is built on the backs of enslaved African peoples.

That any of you think this is the norm for all southerners and fail to recognize the white, privileged, classism inherent in these statements is evidence that there is still so much more work for you to do.  thank you. to you and many others to show me there is always many sides of the story. but i can see people wants to know in 10mins all about world war. it takes to read books, making research than look for a good documentary. anyway, you are wrong sometimes but thats ok. i just dont like when it become sarcastic. yours not in a insulting way, and obviously when it is a joke rather than trying to win a point through sarcastic comments. i always loved southern accent. who would you think does best the southern accent.