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Black teacher by popular demand shirt, hoodie, tank top

Black teacher by popular demand hoodie

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All of the black men and women murdered because of police brutality sickens me, but what happened to Elijah just really broke my heart. Such an innocent pure hearted man robbed of his life. Sometimes watching all this stuff of police killing blacks… I feel like killing police officer or There children so they can also feel the pains we go through. This is truly heartbreaking and makes me so angry that baby died and for what nothing. That is not justice but you know what they will get what they deserve soon enough. I am so sorry for your loss. That baby did not deserve this but no one does and I dont see a skin color never have we are all the same and by god we all should be treated the same. Three “trained” cops killed a skinny kid who plays violin . Cops make it look like it’s so hard to handcuff someone and put them in a car.  MAKE it look so hard to handcuff someone??? I too hate that a young man of ANY color dies under such circumstances, but why resist the police when they are arresting you?? Do you ACTUALLY think by resisting they are just going to let you go??? NO! NO! NO! Go peacefully, you’ll have you day in court! RESISTING only makes matters worse-Why can’t people understand that??? IT IS SOO SIMPLE! i mean if he was suffering from a mental illness which is obvious to me from his actions and what he does on a day to day basis why not just take your time and assess the situation . He had no weapon and looks about 135 pounds soaking wet . Force is not the answer to every situation …