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Such a sad ending. We all should be able to trust as Andy did. Unfortunately in this world today that is not possible. My heart and my prayers go out to Andy’s family. I lost my son 35 years ago and there is never a day I do not think of him.

  • Thank you to all those that prayed Andy’s name to the Holy Spirit per his mother’s request. Our diligent law enforcement and the Lord’s faithful servants have brought this young man back home to his loving family. My prayers are with Andy, his family and the men and women that face evil daily to provide safety and justice for our community.
  • This makes me so sad. My brain knew things looked bad but my heart hoped things would be ok. So heartbreaking. My prayers and condolences to his family. As a personal friend of Andy, thank you Tales of an Educated Debutante for the posts this week and to all of your followers for the condolences. His family knows how loved he was. I can attest to his character, one in a million, there will never be another. RIP sweet friend.

I’m so sorry for your loss. So many of us have grieved for him and his family without having met him. We felt so connected to him through his goodness and innocent trust of humans. Unfortunately evil prevailed in this case but hopefully Andy’s memory will live in all of our hearts. I’m so angry and so sick for his family. God bless all of you as you grieve this tremendous senseless loss.

please tell his family ours is so saddened by this loss. The evil in some humans is astounding to me. I pray it’s not overshadowed by the apparent goodness in Andy. Ashley, I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost a dear friend in high school whose death almost parallels Andy’s. I know the pain you are experiencing. Although in time it will fade, know that his life and memory never will. Many thoughts and prayers to you, your friends and Andy’s family.

Ashley Stanley Brown Our family has been praying for him each night since we heard. From one NC State family to another, we have been holding out for his safe return. Please send prayers of strength to his family for all of us who wish that there were so many more Andys in this world.

Bless the Broken Road Rascal Flatts lyrics poster

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