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It’s a good looking logo, but I still don’t like the name. I’d rather have it named Hank Aaron Park sponsored by a company.  I like the logo, but I am a little concerned that we’re going to be bombarded with the jingle. I’d rather not hear it every time a homer is scored, every time I buy a hotdog, or every time I use the hopper.

  • I hope it does continue and I hope we’ll soon be able to buy from Laura Ashley. I’m missing the shop very much. I used to shop in Laura Ashley in the late sixties. The shop sold dresses mainly, beautiful long hippy dresses and was just outside South Kensington Tube Station.
  • I truly hope that the story continues I love the quality of the products the fabulous staff and my home is beautiful because of their design ideas. Should have never closed the stores leaving myself and others having to find other jobs. What exactly is carrying on , what journey, if all the stores are closed and staff redundant? Exist how? It’s unclear.
  • This post is a bit of a kick in the teeth to the lovely committed staff that worked in the stores. They are only in their first week of redundancy. Love everything about Laura Ashley. All rooms wallpapered and hallway done with Laura Ashley wallpaper. Dressed my daughter in clothes from their and myself also

I truly hope! so I worked at the shop in the late 80s early 90s for over 7 years as a Saturday girl and I truly loved working there I made some lovely friends after 30yrs and still keep in touch with. The beautiful fabrics are so unique to Laura ashley and truly English.

I hope that the company will continue to produce the same beautiful products as the founder Laura Ashley would have wanted with the next owners.

This is very sad although on the cards for a very long time, why the constant 40% off sales, so misleading. I bought a new sofa and armchair a couple of years ago, the quality is just not there. I’d have been absolutely devastated if I’d paid full price, as it is, even at nearly half price it was more expensive than similar from other stores.

BMW logo cloth mask