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Bon Jovi – It’s My Life It’s now or never face mask

Bon Jovi - It's My Life It's now or never face mask

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I’m sorry some people here lost a friend. I’m sorry that little girl in the photo lost her uncle (corrected by a commenter, TY) But this isn’t the 1st time a denier has had a change of heart too late. I know I’m preaching mostly to the converted here, but how many deaths will it take for people to understand? Some of these people say they’d protect their families with guns, but they won’t protect them with a mask. But he wasn’t a denier. He was being safe and only went out after his state started opening. This is why our so called leaders need to set an example. He believed it was ok because public places were being deemed ok to open. It is very sad. but meanwhile just yesterday and the day before we had Rand Paul, a senator, and the Governor of Florida insulting Dr. Fauci and saying they won’t listen to anything he says because he’s just a quack out to destroy our economy; Matt Gaetz said recently he’s working with Bill Gates to ruin Donald Trump’s life and make billions of dollars off “just another flu”. People listen to them, just like they listen to the President again this morning crowing about the great stock exchange and unemployment numbers, only referring to the current state of the virus for a second as a few little spots here and there. As long as large areas of the country continue to ignore the guidelines to slow the spread it’s going to keep moving, and areas like the ones we live in where people largely do what matters are going to pay for the childishness of the selfish and conspiracy theorists. Sigh. My state is reopening but most of us are still wearing masks because it’s not safe everywhere. You have to wear them until the experts (like Dr. Fauci) say it’s ok. That’s why people are getting sick in TX and AZ.