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Oh Adrian. Amos’s smile is so joyful and so beautiful. My heart is beaming his light outward and that it sends his graces and love to all. God has blessed him. I’m glad you let us witness Amos’ journey along with your family. You’re a bright light on many days for several so THANK YOU & WOHOO AMOS …I’m hopeful Amos & all our “kids” gets to return to school in the fall !

  • Expectations are hard but our kids are different, not less than, just different. They make their own path and it’s full of beautiful surprises. Finding peace and joy in what you have instead of what you wish you had makes life a pleasure. I once heard that is maturity. Thank you Lord for all our blessings. I love reading about your journey.
  • I have 5 and 7 year old boys that are level 3 nonverbal. They both attend a self contained special needs school. My oldest tried 3 different prek classrooms before I sadly sent him there. Boy was I wrong!!! Their school is amazing.!!! My boys are thriving and are loved and spoiled. I realized I was holding them back by holding on to the “typical” dream.
  • I know those lost dreams all to well and how they tore my heart to pieces. 15 years of dreams ripped from my son and those motherly moments I longed for vanished. However I am standing here with the one Dream that finally came true on June 5, 2020…. to watch my beautiful son walk across the stage and graduate. That one moment Made all of the years of lost dreams disappear. There is a purpose for everything! Amos will do amazing things

Oh how I love this! “Letting go of old dreams makes way for the joy found today.” So true! I dreamed and prayed for “regular K” for Kate and it didn’t come to be. But her class and teachers are AMAZING and she is in the right place for her needs. I know Amos will thrive in his! Much love!

Seriously, I think that will be a great learning experience for Amos, especially since no one knows what this fall will look like. Embrace it. Let Amos find his joy. Celebrate every single day.

This special little boy has brought your family so much joy. It amazes me how his siblings always have his back. He will never be the child left behind as he is so well loved.

Bubbles and kitties Trailer Park face mask

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