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Welcome! That was an amazing story. Thank you for shareing. I hope more people are able to see the lies put forth by the dems. I always ask why someone hates Trump, they can never give me a logical reason. Welcome Amanda!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!!! I think all of us have been hiding. How can you not? We don’t want to be ostracized and labeled a racist. I’m latin and afraid of being called a racist just for supporting Trump. Trump is the good guy and exactly what our country needs. I feel like there are so many people that are sick of being silent and ready to voice their opinions. I’m so glad we all found each other! That moment when we ask ourselves “what if I am a sheep”… it casts a shadow, but it opens a door to truth! Open minded people will never attempt to silence you, or destroy you. They will simply disagree with you. They will speak and listen. There was a time when the Dems were not so much like this; but now, now it all seems to be a mass of hate and intolerance that like you, I want no part of… most false accusers out there are parrots, repeating slogans devoid of meaning, and stroking their egos on how good they are for chanting along with other sheep… following marxists without even noticing, attacking the country that gives them the freedom to think however they want, and then denying that freedom to others. Disappointing… but in the end the world Improves one person at a time and every person on this page is doing that in their own way. Glad you’ve joined!

Love your story. Put your tears behind you and enjoy being part of a group that wants to protect the rights of everyone. May God bless you. Amanda, you presented a very thoughtful, sincere, and emotional review of your journey. We all welcome you with hugs all around. Young ,intelligent truth seekers such as you are our future. It is in your hands, stay strong and continue to love this great country. You have very large family here, call on anyone to share your new world.