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I am a Republican and had sam issues when Obama elected – But now learned of the Republican evil doers too. Welcome to the family. Looking forward to speaking freely again. maybe – this was really hard for me to do- i cant believe all the support- im overwhelmed and have been crying so much – i needed these comments SO bad. What a great story! It gave me goosebumps while reading it. So glad to have you on our side! Doing research and sliding into that rabbit hole is an eye opening experience to say the least. Welcome and you are very pretty by the way! Congrats on thinking for yourself. I read all of these posts and enjoy them. This is my 1st time commenting on a post. Simple because being a walk with my whole life I know 1st hand how some of those friends were probably treating you. I just want to say a true friend would never treat you that way, it’s their loss. Keep it real lady! God Bless you!

Thanks for sharing your story and welcome to the cause of Keeping America Great. By the way you were duped by Obama, and he was and is a Muslim who if he would have let the people know that one fact, he would have never been elected, not after 9/11. Who worked to divide our country and set up the path of a socialist country. One of the best testimonials I’ve read yet. I felt exactly the same way, although I woke up before Obama. It’s all a mind game and the democrats have a stranglehold on the nations minds because they took over the media in this country. They have. I’ve worked in the television business for 27-years. At one point when John Kerry was running for President, I finally saw them and I haven’t been able to unsee them since. Now they’re trying to take over the internet. Much of the internet, social media, search engines and fact check sites… they already have.