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I think I saw this kid get blown over in the windstorm yesterday while crossing the street. He Disappeared into the sky. Good to see he was heavy enough to land somewhere and make his signing. I wish I was making $900k per year in 8th grade. Do you know how many pop tarts and video games you can get with that kind of coin?

  • Quinn was selected with the No. 8 pick in the NHL draft last month. Listed at 6 feet and 176 pounds, he is coming off a season in which his 52 goals in 62 games ranked second in the Ontario Hockey League.
  • The 19-year-old Quinn finished in a tie for eighth in the OHL with 89 points, and helped his hometown Ottawa 67s finish with a league-best 50-11-1 record. With a season of OHL eligibility left, Quinn’s contract wouldn’t kick in this year unless he plays 10 games with the Sabres.
  • Ignorance is bliss. He’s a hockey player. What are they supposed to look like? Have you ever played? Watch him. Good luck, kid. Work hard. Glad to have you as a Sabre. Can someone please check his ID as he should be playing on the Mighty Ducks. Man do I feel old! Oh my goodness… He looks like a kid!

Hope he has a great time & does wonderful! I just commented on how very young he looks…was NIT a put down!! I accidentally made a typo. People… This is NOT the end of the world!!! If you feel like you have to put me down for this, even after I fixed my typo…you seriously NEED a life!!! People grow up & quit bullying!!! Find something positive to do!!

I was just teasing you because you originally had “dies” instead of “does”, and you took it in good spirits. I think Chris is trolling me and I don’t care! Everyone needs to relax. Yes. People want to maintain their livelihoods and stop catering to hysteric people who are afraid of a virus that 99.93% will survive…

Stop losing your minds. The threat of this virus does not warrant this reaction. The lockdown is more damaging. Sue McCarthy I’m outraged at the ignorance of people who think this has anything to do with health and safety at this point and blame Trump for all their problems instead of using their heads

Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary 1960-2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top

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