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That’s really nice but how the hell do you get dog food? I can’t find food for my own let along helping the shelters I support. Beer? Really? Who is offering the chocolate I want to know! Seriously though folks it’s not a very practical reason to offer a home to an animal. A 3 month supply of pet food perhaps? Good to see this company making a contribution though.

  • It just makes me kind of wonder about some horrible people out there who would only take the dog for the beer. Mu question is and always will be how do you take this beautiful creature in the house and then just disregard it and send it back. You have to be a heartless person. Why should this dog come to you to make you and your family feel better and then you just toss it away. God forbid…
  • To anyone that thinks this is a horrible idea. This is a highly reputable organization. I adopted my dog from them almost seven years. They do home visits, personal reference checks and previous vet checks. They would not give a dog or cat to someone who was not capable of being a responsible pet parent.
  • I would hope that these individuals were screened properly before taking any of these sweet babies to not do so would just be disastrous and irresponsible.

Awesome idea we are struggling in Australia for donation funds for dog shelters during the Covid-19 pandemic… as people are losing their jobs… donations suffer. Good idea to see if this initiative can be done down under… stay healthy

I have a Great Dane Black lab mix with a crazy dog aggression. He can’t stand other dogs. Even through extensive training he still finds it hard to associate with other dogs. Anyone know a good method to helping with this?

If that is the only reason they agree to foster a dog, I hate to think of how they will take care of it. Bad idea in my opinion. Although I guess they were trying to help dogs.  I would love to foster since we’re all home but I don’t know how my cats would act. This is a really good idea tho

Busch Latte Hawaiian Shirt