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Both of my kids are pitbull mixes (though only one looks it). Breed is really a meaningless distinction, there are some traits that are characteristic to various breeds, but truly each dog is an individual and any dog that has teeth COULD bite you. The pitbull breeds more than any others have endured an unimaginable amount of abuse and it’s absolutely heartbreaking

  • I used to find pit bulls a little scary but after seeing so many heartwarming stories of them on the Dodo my heart is melted. They are absolutely adorable! there are also bad stories. People shouldn’t hasten to brand pit bulls as cuddly just because they met a few cute ones.
  •  glad to hear you say that. I have a 10 month old pittie and she is an absolute wonder. Even as a pup she has already met many skeptics, but has proven to be only fun and careful with other dogs. I don’t worry about her, but I feel it’s my responsibility to train her extremely well so when she encounters people who are afraid, she is above reproach.
  • Vivienne Weiwei Zhou Depends on the Upbringing had a Rottweiler who was secluded 24/7 (Drug Lords Dog)First time I saw him, fed him out of a window. He was that aggressive. Would attack anything breathing tried attacking a Police man on a Horse, Eventually I tamed him my father would walk him without a leash…

I agree with those who have unpleasant experiences with pit bulls and I shouldn’t lower my guard just because I have seen a few good stories. But like one of the comments said every dog deserves a chance. I have come across very aggressive miniature poodles too, so who knows!

 This is what these pit pushers don’t want to admit. They swear up and down that pit bulls don’t attack unless they’ve been abused, but they just will not admit that many of these attacks are done by dogs who were raised in non abusive homes. not necessarily abused but people get these dogs and give them zero training and they usually turn to aggression.

They’re always completely harmless until they maul an innocent child or someone’s family pet. I guess they were just agitated because their flower crown fell off their head! Irresponsible project. I can put flower crowns on tigers all day too, doesn’t make them less dangerous.

Oh the virus outside is frightful but this yarn is so delightful shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie

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